Importance of Water: 10 points that you need to know


Water is a priceless gift of nature to us humans. Without water we cannot live our daily life. Water is essential for the survival of all humans, animals and plants. Conservation and conservation of water has become a necessity as the amount of fresh water on earth is very less. Due to lack of rain, the quantity of drinking water is decreasing. So the government is not able to supply enough fresh water to everyone and we should know the importance of water in our life. we will tell you why is water important for us?


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Water is the main component of the human body (neonatal 75%, adult 60%, senior 50%). Water is important for the existence of all living beings. Water is used to grow our food, crops and vegetables. Water is used in dams to generate electricity for our homes, schools and other uses.

Importance of water: 10 points

  • 1. Pure water, which we know in science as H2O, is found in nature in three states, the gaseous state (steam) the solid (ice) the liquid state (water).

  • 2. In the life of common man, water is used for many purposes like washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking and drinking etc.

  • 3. The importance of water in our life and also in farmer's life  is even greater. In Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc., due to drying of crops, their lives are in danger and in many circumstances farmers have committed suicide.

  • 4. Due to lack of sufficient amount of rainfall (lack of water) drought-like situation arises and many problems like starvation, suicide etc arise in the life of the farmers.

  • 5. The importance of water can be understood from this that due to lack of water in the forests of Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal etc., fire and wild animals are facing problems related to it.

  • 6. Water is important for the smooth operation of many activities like production of cheap electricity, production of industries, irrigation of crops, fisheries, hospitals, schools etc.

  • 7. With the use of water, we produce medicines, postic and delicious fruits, vegetables etc. which is very necessary to keep us healthy.

  • 8. Availability of clean water is becoming a threat due to water pollution, global warming, melting of glaciers, misuse of water, overuse etc.

  • 9. We have to make people aware about water conservation and its importance through many campaigns.

  • 10. By telling people the importance of water and conserving it, we can create a big crisis in life.

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So we all should take a pledge and stop the wastage of water and make our life and nature green and happy.

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