The Importance of Good Health in Our Life: How can We Achieve Good Health


First happiness and healthy body, the saying may have become old, but even today health remains the first necessity. What is good health? Would a person who is not sick be called a healthy person?


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1. Meaning of Health & its Importance


2. Significance & Importance of Health


3. Introducing poetry on health


4. Definition of health


5. Types of Health


   5.1 Physical health


   5.2 Mental health


   5.3 Intellectual health


   5.4 Spiritual health


  5.5 Social health

Meaning of Health:

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There cannot be one opinion about the concept and meaning of health. But the importance of health cannot be denied. Often we define health in a negative sense. 

We believe that only those who are mentally and physically healthy consider as health. But it is not so. Truly means health and activity of the individual. A person who is constantly engaged in any work with body and mind is called a healthy person.

The first happiness is in a healthy body and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This proverb is quite old and popular as well as 100% correct.

Health is essential and necessary for all. Only a healthy person can do any kind of work smoothly and efficiently.

significance & Importance of Health:

To live a happy life it is necessary to be healthy. When we are healthy, we can make the most of our abilities physically, mentally and socially. We can lead a happy life only by staying healthy.

Being healthy is the main symptom of our health. Only a healthy person can build a healthy and strong nation. In our country, more emphasis is being laid on health reforms.

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Generally, a healthy person means a person who has a healthy body, healthy mind and spirit, a healthy family and lives in a healthy environment.

To do any work smoothly and efficiently, it is very important for a person to be healthy. Only a happy, healthy and healthy person has the ability to accomplish any task efficiently.

Therefore, in order to improve the quality of life, special emphasis is needed on the whole phase in which efficiency, physical strength, mental satisfaction and happiness are peaceful. 

Definition of health:

According to WHO, overall health does not mean simply the absence of disease and infirmity. Rather, overall health is that state of a person when he is in a better condition physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and also socially.

And he can easily adjust himself with the society and community. Yes, it is necessary that a sick person cannot go to a healthy person, but illness cannot be the only measure of health.

Health in this sense means adopting good habits of living life by focusing on oneself. The first condition of a person to be successful in any field is,

That he should be completely healthy, because health cannot be seen in isolation from our personality. Overall health is an imaginary level where one feels completely fit.

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Video source: youtube (well living lab)

Types of Health

Physical health - It refers to the external condition of our body, in which physical health includes our body shape, care, way of working etc.

A person can improve his physical health by adopting good diet and good sleep and good health.

Mental health - This is a subject related to the mind and thinking. In various situations and when problems arise, it is necessary for a person to have good mental health to deal with happiness, sadness and restrained behavior.

We have to earn the best positional ability to express our feelings and thoughts with others. Mental health can be improved by a balanced state of mind and happiness and peace.

Intellectual health - This is related to mental health, making cognitive decisions using your understanding and knowledge on a problem or issue and encouraging creative work and thinking is a sign of intellectual health.

This ability can be acquired to some extent by staying in harmony with everyone, that is, by being in an extroverted nature.

Spiritual health - It consists of the individual's personal values ​​and ideals. Even after being otherwise healthy, without spiritual health is not counted in the category of holistic health.

Finding the right purpose and purpose of your life and following them on the right path is a sign of spiritual health.

Social health - Man is a social animal, he has to live in harmony with all. Having good relationships with everyone can improve your social health.

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