what is the importance of time?

hello friends, welcome to you in our site becreatives. today we are going to discuss a most important topic which name is importance of time so let's start....

Time is of the essence in our lives. We measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, and so on. Time teaches us to live. We must consider every second as the last second of life.

Enjoy every moment in your life. Don’t wait for someone to come and make you happy. Think about how important this time we are working or what we are spending with our family. If we understand the value of time well, then it will be very useful in our life. 

Everything in the world is punctual, nothing happens before time. Anything must work; we must do it on time. Man has not wasted any time to date. Time has always spoiled the work of man. It is only because the man does not do his work on time and does not understand the importance of time.  

Everyone knows the value of the time, but they spend it unwisely. We waste our time on very unnecessary things, and it destroys our future. No one has seen the time to come but we can make our tomorrow better by working hard today.

 We must stop being lazy and do everything on time. It will brighten our future. No one can indeed testify to their future. But many things are under human control and he can improve his future if he wants to. Time is passing so fast we have to make use of that time. 


Here are some reasons why time is 

important for us:

1.   Everything is bound to time

Time affects every single thing in the universe. Everything has an age of its own and it begins to fade over time. The time of the end changes, but it is a thing that will not last forever. It has to end one day. 

2.   No one knows how much time they have

Another reason why time is so important to us, no one knows how much time we will have. So we have to use every passing time wisely. People die at any stage, we have to live every moment. We need to spend time happily with our family and friends who love us.


3.   Time is the most precious resource

Time is such a precious thing that if we waste it, we cannot bring it back. We must understand the importance of passing time because passing time will never come back. We should not waste time on useless things but take advantage of that time. If time is running out then it is gone.


The only time we actually have is the present  

As everyone knows we have three stages of time - the past, the present, and the future. A man learns from his past because this is the time that man has gone through. And then it prepares man for his future. But the present time is the time to do more for your future. So don’t waste your present time, it will be very useful for your future.


5.   The effect of time on our happiness

It is said that a person's past and his future have a profound effect on his happiness. Many of us are not happy to remember our past and are worried about our future. It is obvious how a person can be happy who is surrounded by troubles. So make your time so that when you remember, you feel calm and happy.


6.   Relationships are made or broken by how much 

time you invest

The company is very important for human health. We need to give each other time to maintain relationships whether it's a friendship, romantic relationship or a partnership, etc. Where there is no time, relationships end. Spending more time together strengthens relationships. 


7.   Skills are impacted by how much time you invest

There was a popular belief in the past that man needs 10,000 hours to master his skill. Time management improves our lives in many ways. It's not hard to do just take that first step. We have a lot of time in a day. If you do not use the time properly, then you have a little time left for many important tasks. Time management is a very important part of our lives that assures us that we can achieve the things we want to do.


8.   Time is the greatest teacher and a healer

Time is a precious thing in the world that we can get free of charge. Even if you have the wealth of the whole world, money cannot buy time. We need to understand the significance of every single moment that we have. We must not forget that time is the most valuable thing on this earth that we cannot change or compare with anything.


Every human being can do everything on time for his better future. You may have seen the history of successful people around the world, how they used their time well. They were very conscious of their time. So we should never waste time and try to make the best use of it. And, indeed, time never comes back. 

We should value every second of time and its importance must be respected. We should not waste a single moment until the last part of life. 

Time is very powerful in this world. It empowers a man to work hard and destroy the lazy man inside him. We must learn commitment, continuity, and regularity from time to time. Time runs continuously without any interruption. 

We must continue to strive for real success in life. We must understand the importance of time because it does not stop anyone. Time is free for everyone, it is neither bought nor sold. Time is like the water of a river that constantly progresses and never comes back. We have to be on time and do everything on time.

 If you really want to do something in life, you need to be committed and full use of time.   

written by: Ansa Riasat 


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