Importance of Money in our Life | Advantages & Disadvantages of Money


Money is an important need and desire of every human being today. Today's essay, speech, paragraph, article, short paragraph on Importance of money in life, money is everything or money is nothing, today's essay was written. Hope you like it. We need to know why money is important for us.


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Money is important to fulfilling the needs of life and not the end; we can buy all the necessary things with money only. No one can deny the importance of money, but its wasteful use and the desire to get more and more make a person very low.

Whenever an idea runs in the mind of most of the people in the world, it is the easiest way and way to earn maximum money.

In Indian culture, money called Artha is counted among the four important duties of life. A person is advised to earn money to fulfill his desires and expectations for his family life.

But money earned wrongly is like poison for life, with the help of money we can earn a lot. But happiness, love, happiness and love cannot be found.

importance of saving money

Money has been valuable in every age, but today's materialistic upheaval has given rise to the desire for it too much. Our fickle mind keeps trying to make the future happier with the help of money.

Many times we think that money is everything, people sell their faith for a few rupees, do not hesitate to take someone's life.

The power and magic of money is thus, attracting good people, it is our household rites that give rise to the desire for wealth and the tendency to accumulate in children.

When the child refuses to go to school, the parents agree to send him to school by paying him money. Our thoughts are deep.

And one day we start doing everything for money instead of doing anything for ourselves, our family, society, country. All our activities are focused on money which is fatal in many ways.

Advantages of Money

If we start counting the benefits and virtues of money, they will become limitless, as money has a deep utility in our lives. Money is beneficial in all worldly pleasures like building a nice house, having a farm house, getting a good car, getting a good education for the kids and can fulfill our life goals.

Today money has become a symbol of social prestige. Respected life in society is lived by those who are rich. Poor people have no hospitality.

We have a good saying here as long as there is money in your pocket; people will ask how you are. This is a fact because without money a person will not be able to get a good education, nor will he be able to get good clothes, food, treatment, so money proves to be helpful in leading a respectable life.

The biggest difference in terms of wealth in daily life is seen in the diet of the poor and the rich. On one hand, while delicious dishes are prepared for the rich, the poor do not get bread for two times.

The truth is that even our poor brothers and sisters do not get the comforts with which the dogs of the rich make their living. The root cause of this land-sky gap is wealth, which is abundant with the rich while the poor do not even have food.

The common man spends his life to fulfill the necessities of life. He keeps adding pie throughout his life to get simple things like mobile, AC, car, freeze, nice house.

Every day he is forced to lead a busy life at the grocery store, to pay electricity bills or in queues in buses and trains. The same people with more money fulfill their wishes with a single order.

Travel by your own car or plane or first class ticket for the journey. The faster the flow of money has increased, the more our lives are becoming insecure,

Acts like theft, dacoit, and murder are done for money in broad daylight. A wealthy person arranges a guard or bodyguard to protect himself and his family. At the same time, for those who are living in deprivation, it is also difficult to manage the bread of June 2.

Disadvantages of Money

It is not that having money only means profit, but it also has many side effects. We are also well acquainted with most. Money is the root of crime today.

Be it directly or indirectly. People do things like stealing, plundering, betel nut to rob someone else's property and ruin it in the desire to get money in a moral or immoral way.

No one else contributes as much to making a person immoral as money. To get more, don't hesitate to use it the wrong way.

Money is at the root of the problem of corruption. The giver wants his work or facility for himself, the bribe taker puts a price on his trust. In this way, from the peon of the government office to the top officials of the departments, get their long pockets stitched.

Politicians grab money from government schemes to fill their homes. Money is involved in all these evil acts of character downfall, the desire to get it.

Money not only creates greed, jealousy and crime but also causes exploitation. Be it a factory worker or a security guard, they are made to get maximum work at minimum wage.

Rich people are engaged in increasing their wealth graph by exploiting the exploited and backward people. Due to which the poor are getting poorer. The rich person is going to get richer.

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