Importance of Listening skills in Communication and It's Benefits


Just as reading is an art, listening is also an art. One who does not know everyone but who understands the importance of this listening skill, it becomes easier for him to do other tasks like being proficient in good reading and good communication skills, being a good speaker etc.


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Most of the people do not pay attention to listening skills but it is a basic knowledge that everyone should know listening skills which can make a person a good speaker, good reader and a successful human being. 

In this article, the art of listening, the art of listening, we will learn these things - how you can become an expert in better listening skills.

The importance of the role of listening in the development of language is as follows

Correct pronunciation - Listening is a natural process by which children develop the skill of correct pronunciation. By listening, the child is able to correct the pronunciation errors in speaking, which improves his language skills.

  • This increases the vocabulary of the student.
  • Understanding the expressions of different genres develops the ability to understand their meaning. Other people's feelings and thoughts are understood. Listening helps to differentiate similar sounds. 

What is listening skills?

When you are sitting in your room and all the above actions are happening, but without paying attention to all the sounds, focusing your attention on only one sound and listening to it well is called listening skill.

Mental concentration is very important for a good listening skill, because when your mind is concentrated you will be able to understand the meaning of words and sentences better. It is very important to have sharp listening skills in the field of education.

Definition of effective listening

Effective listening skills mean listening to someone and understanding the message behind it. And being aware of what that person thinks about the matter. This enables us to understand people's thoughts better.

When we have a deep knowledge of other people's views, whether we agree with them or not. Only then we can understand their thoughts, feelings, and mindset.

With effective listening skills, we can go deep into any problem, and find the right solution to that problem.

Key Features of Effective Listening Skills

There are mainly four things to keep in mind for effective listening skills -

  • Effective listening skills require mental concentration and energy.
  • It establishes a psychological connection between the speaker and the listener.
  • It involves the desire to see things from another person's point of view.
  • For this you have to avoid the process of quick decision making and evaluation.

Listening to friends is indeed an art in which you can become proficient with constant effort. Always keep one thing in mind that always tries to be a better listener so that your communication skills can improve. There is also a saying for this - a good listener can be a good speaker, when you listen carefully you keep on learning many new things.

Barriers to effective listening skills

There is not one but many reasons for the obstruction in effective listening, the list of which you can see below –

  • Laziness is the first reason listening skills are hampered (procrastination - habits, benefits and remedies)
  • Our thinking - When no one listens to us then why should we listen to anyone.
  • Physical fatigue and restlessness of the person.
  • Restlessness of mind
  • Willingness to speak
  • Speaker's response.
  • Different types of thinking and mindset

Thus, mentioned above are some of the reasons that hinder you in developing your listening skills to become a good listener. As a result, you don't understand anything deeply.

To avoid this, listen carefully to a person's words and develop a good listening skill in yourself.

What to do for Effective Listening Skills

Follow these steps to master the skill of listening and become a proficient listener -

  • Do not put all your attention on the words of the speaker, for this follows the following things -
  • Keep an eye on the speaker as you speak.
  • Stop any other thoughts that come to your mind for the time being.
  • Pay attention to the speaker's body language.
  • When you're listening carefully, don't whisper to someone else in between.
  • Give the speaker the impression that you are listening carefully - for
  • Shake your head from time to time.
  • Smile in between.
  • Encourage the speaker by answering yes, yes in between.
  • When the speaker is speaking, ask questions from time to time like- What do you mean? What do you want like this?
  • If the speaker pauses midway through speaking, you can encourage him by giving a brief summary of his words.
  • Don't interrupt the speaker for being indecisive, as this may upset him and he may not be able to articulate his point properly.
  • Let the speaker draw his own conclusion.
  • Treat the person in front of you the way they expect you to be treated.

Attitude Listening Skills

One should always adopt a constructive approach as a positive attitude opens many avenues for your knowledge. The more you listen and learn, the more knowledge you will gain.

Never listen to someone thinking it will be boring, and even if you don't agree with them, don't call them outright wrong because doing so will only help you understand the main purpose of the speaker.

Attention, Listening Skills-

Pay close attention to what the speaker says, when you are listening intently to someone, all their words are stored in your short-term memory and become more active.

But if you do not listen to the words carefully, the words are destroyed even after being stored in the short-term memory, so you must listen carefully to the words of the speaker.

Adjustment, Listening Skills-

Develop the ability to adjust your thoughts. Although most speakers' speeches make it clear what they are talking about, you still need skill to understand the speaker's feelings. If for some reason you do not understand the speaker's words, ask him to clear your doubts.

Active listening skills

One of our many skills is listening carefully, how well you hear and understand things is reflected in your life. And this is the reason-

Because listening gives you a lot of information.

It is only through listening that we understand and solve various issues.

We can learn many subjects only by listening.

And we get pleasure from listening skills.

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