What is oxygen? | 10 Reasons Why Oxygen Is Important?


Our atmosphere is made up of a mixture of different gases, with nitrogen being the most abundant and oxygen being the second most abundant gas. But oxygen is the most important because without oxygen life cannot be imagined on this earth. So we can say important of Oxygen is such a neccesary living things for our survival.

We can survive for some time even if we do not drink food and water, but if we do not get oxygen even for a moment, then we start suffering.

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Oxygen is very important for living, but due to our many activities every day this oxygen present in the air is decreasing due to pollution, so it is important for us to think about keeping the air clean.

Man-made oxygen is also available which is used to treat people in industries and in emergency situations.

In this article an essay has been written on Oxygen which is an important topic for all. We have tried to explain the importance of oxygen.

Importance of oxygen in the atmosphere

Oxygen is present in about 21 percent of our atmosphere and is popularly known as Pranavayu. Oxygen is very important for every living being on earth. It is naturally produced in the environment which we use for respiration.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis.

In today's time to make our life easier, we use many such resources which pollute the air, due to which we do not get pure oxygen which can be a big danger. Therefore, important steps need to be taken for air pollution also.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a colourless, odorless and tasteless substance that makes up about 21 percent of our atmosphere. Which was discovered by the Swedish chemist Carl Scheele in 1772. They burned potassium nitrate, mercury oxide and other substances which produced oxygen gas.

Oxygen is available in our atmosphere in both free and compound forms. Minerals, in compound form, are found in rocks, water and other elements. Oxygen is also soluble in water, which is important for the respiration of underwater animals.

10 points on Importance of Oxygen

1. Oxygen is found in both liquid and gas state. It is essential for all living beings on earth.

2. Oxygen is of special importance in various regions, the ozone layer around the earth, which protects it from the harmful rays of the sun, is also made up of oxygen molecules. Therefore, depletion of oxygen can lead to depletion of ozone layer.

3. Oxygen is also used in the treatment of cancer present in the human body. Cancer cells die from oxygen, in addition the liquid form of oxygen is used in medicine. Oxygen is also used in the process of welding.

4. Oxygen present in water is very important for aquatic organisms. Oxygen is used as rocket fuel.

5. Oxygen is used as an explosive in mines. Most importantly, it is impossible for any object to burn without oxygen.

6. Man-made oxygen cylinders are used when there is a lack of oxygen in our body in an emergency.

7. Oxygen is also used in large quantities in industries because oxygen is a reactive gas. It is used for cutting metal.

8. Oxygen is also used to clean polluted water. Oxygen is used to remove carbon monoxide, a harmful gas that enters the body and keep us healthy.

9. Oxygen is also very important for the soil because many organisms live inside the soil.

10. Our body needs a certain amount of oxygen, which is very important to fulfill. Adequate amount of oxygen should be available to increase the immunity of the body.

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