8 Reasons why Trees are most Important things in our life?


If you look near your houses, you will definitely see trees or small plants. From big tree to small plant, they hold great importance in our life. You must be aware that the role of trees play in our breathing.

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Even today trees plantation and plants are planted in many houses in India, due to which the environment of the house is pure. Even in big countries people like to planting trees around their homes, they know how many benefits we get from trees and they provide us with a calm and pure environment.

We get many benefits from the usefulness of trees, so today in this post on the importance of trees, we will tell about the benefits of trees in different areas.

In India, many trees and plants are common in appearance, but are full of medicinal properties and relieve health problems.

Trees are beautiful to look at but they are more important than their beauty. Trees are very valuable to us and their existence is important for our survival.

you can call trees the biggest plants on earth; they give us oxygen, store carbon dioxide. Trees and plants play an important role in stabilizing the soil as well as providing life to wildlife. We also get many tools and food items from trees.

Trees are not only important for our existence, but are the oldest species on earth, being the link between our past, present and future.

In view of the importance of trees, many organizations have been formed for the protection of trees in many countries around the world and you can also donate for the protection of trees to plant them.

Importance of planting Trees in Points

1. For health

Trees and plants have been very important since ancient times in removing diseases and health related problems. Trees act like filters to clean the environment, which filter the polluted air and absorb the harmful pollutants present in it. Trees give shade to us and other organisms and trees are capable of reducing noise as well.

Several species of trees and plants are known to have medicinal properties, such as consuming sage leaves provides relief from cold.

It has been observed that people living in houses surrounded by trees have normal blood pressure, and they are healthier and stress free than other people.

2. For the environment

As you know that trees give us oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide released by us. Also trees help in reducing the rate of global warming.

You must have realized that being close to trees reduces the feeling of heat, as trees reduce the speed of air and cool it. It is estimated that trees can reduce the temperature of a city by up to 7°C.

Trees keep the soil stable, which helps in preventing major disasters like floods.

3. Importance of trees for wildlife

We don't need to tell you what the importance of trees for tree wildlife is. Different species of animals live on a tree, and they depend on trees for food and livelihood.

4. For animals

Many nutrients and minerals are found inside trees, making them food for many birds, insects and small bacteria. When these trees grow strong and huge, they become home to species such as owls, snakes and larger animals such as monkeys.

Large trees such as oak trees can be home to more than 500 species. There are many big parks in India, where you can see how much research is done on these trees and the animals that live on them.

This is the reason why the felling of trees has the biggest impact on wildlife and many species have become extinct due to harvesting.

If harvesting continues at this level, then in the coming few years we will be able to see many animals only in photographs. If you understand the importance of trees, then plant trees today and protect them.

5. For water cycle

The water cycle is the process by which water falls on land in the form of rain. This water is absorbed by the plants, then due to the process of transpiration, the same water goes into the air through the leaves of plants and trees. This cycle continues and the water circulation continues.

Under normal conditions, mango trees release about 250-400 gallons of water into the air per day.

Trees are therefore important to retain moisture in the air, they have a very important role in the water cycle. Due to the water cycle we get fresh and clean water which is essential for the survival of all living beings.

You must be aware that our earth has more than 70% water but only 3% of it is potable for us. If the cutting of trees continues at this pace, then due to the effect on the water cycle, we may have to face water shortage in future.

6. For jobs

From forest care to tree research, from fruit growing to composting. Many people get employment through trees. The most important papers for education are also found from trees.

The life of many farmer families in India is dependent on trees and plants. It is a matter of great pride that now students make their career to study trees and plants and tell about the conservation and benefits of forests.

Cutting of trees also provides employment, but it is very important to limit it. If you need to cut down a tree, you will need to plant another tree in its place.

There are many benefits of having trees in the city. You must have seen that where there is more traffic, trees are planted in the middle of the road so that they help in reducing the smoke and noise from the vehicles. Trees in cities also attract children. The closer the children are to nature, the healthier they will be.

7. As food

Trees are the source of many important foods. We and all living beings get nutrients in abundance from trees. From dried fruits to vegetables, they are used from food to medicine. Trees are an important source of food for organisms.

Along with this, we make many things used in our homes like chairs, tables, doors etc. from trees. One of the many reasons why trees are wonderful is that they provide us with so many essential things in life.

8. For noise pollution

Along with air pollution, trees are capable of reducing the ill effects of noise pollution of Vehicle, factory and etc.

The sound emanating from it is very harmful for us and it has a bad effect on us as well as on the living beings.

Due to noise pollution, hearing loss of small animals like birds, and due to this the number of birds is gradually decreasing.

Hope, now you have been understood the Importance of trees . So friends, share your love with sharing this article with your friends.

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