Importance of forest in our life


Man needs material resources to fulfill his material needs. For the fulfillment of food, he needs food grains,vegetables, fruits etc., clothes to cover the body and a house to live in. So importance of forest have a important role in our life. we told you 5 reason why forest is imortant?

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Apart from this, medicines also become necessary for life when unwell. He fulfills these needs by working hard with the help of natural resources.

The cycle of nature is such that the things which are necessary for life, nature itself provides them. We call these resources, which fulfill the need of the material side of man, as natural sources. 

Why Forest is Important?

Forests are a natural source that holds an important place in human life. This is an invaluable property without which human beans will fall into danger, we can not be tampered with the effect of any part of our life, so in Indian culture, forests have been given highly important.

5 Reason why Forest is Important:

1. Oxygen

Most important of forest or plants that we get oxygen from it. And it is most needed things for human to alive. As we know that we take oxygen and excrete corbon di oxide but the trees or plants takes corbon di oxide and excrete oxygen. It makes to maintain the pollution of enviornment.  

2. importance of forest for Rain

First of all, forests are responsible for the rainfall occurring at any place, the more intense the rainfall in a country, the more it will rain.

Rainfall is of utmost importance in an agricultural country like India. Even in barren countries like Israel, huge forests have been created through the 'Plant Trees' campaign, and as a result, there is now a sufficient amount of food and fruit production; Therefore, it is clear that the supply of rainfall in a country depends on its long and dense buns.

3. wood 

The doors used for sitting and lying in houses, chairs, tables, beds etc. are made of wood and we get those woods from the forests.

Many bridges are also made of wood for the convenience of traffic. Wood in trains, tracks and boats and ships etc. is used a lot.

Wood is very useful in fuel and all items of daily use. Needless to say, we have to completely depend on buns for wood. 

4. imortance of forest to make Drugs

We also get many medicines from forests. From the bark of trees, from wild fruits, flowers and herbs, medicines used in various diseases are made.

In fact, many incurable diseases can be treated with medicines obtained from forests. It has been proved by modern scientific experiments that many fruits and flowers obtained from forests are helpful in destroying terrible diseases like cancer without chemical process.

5. Other importance of forests

On the one hand it rains from the forests and on the other hand the soil erosion stops with the rain water.

The risk of floods increases as soil erosion increases.In this way, the buns also prove to be useful for flood protection, that is why the emphasis is being laid on planting trees at a fast pace in the parts of India where there is a severe flood. 

The yield of Bhabhad etc. is also sufficient in the forests, which It is used to make valuables like paper. It also generates huge income for the government every year. Thus buns are also a good source of income for the state.

Hope you have understood the importance of forest so aware about it to all people and try to plant too much plants and trees to make forest.

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