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Friends, if you like to play games, then today in this post I will tell you about some very good best truck wala game, so that you can play from your mobile android phone, you must have played many games, you like to play new games. If you feel like playing some new game then definitely play truck wala game.

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Truck Wala Game Download for Android & iOS

 These top 5 games are given below in detail.

Truck Wala Game Download 3D

  1. Cargo Truck Driver: Indian Truck 2020
  2. Heavy Truck Simulator
  3. Truck Simulator 2018
  4. Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)
  5. Truck Simulator USA

Cargo Truck Driver: Indian Truck 2020


Many of you say that Indian Truck Wala Game has to be downloaded. So this game which I have added to this list is an Indian trucker game. In which you get to see the games of your India Truck.

  • The creator of this game has added all kinds of new and old truck driving game 3D form to this game which makes this game better than any other.
  • You will enjoy the Indian trucks while playing this game. This very cool cargo truck wala game is new driver wala game.
  • The graphics of this game is also good. Can't say it is well. But yes, you will definitely enjoy when you play it. The game of this truck has been downloaded more than 50 lakhs times and its players have also given a rating of 4.1.


Heavy Truck Simulator


Heavy Truck Simulator, Truck wala game is the next game among all these terms, its name is Heavy Truck Simulator as the name suggests heavy. In this game you have to transport all kinds of heavy goods from one place to another.

  • It is very well designed or the game looks very real, in this game the color of the game is very good, the truck found in this game works very well as compared to the truck found in the rest of the game.
  • This game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play Store and this game has also got a rating of 4.2.


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Truck Simulator 2018

Truck Simulator 2018 Truck wala game is the next game in the list of games, this game is very old and has taken the most famous game on Google play store.

Which you have to complete, as you move the goods from one place to another, there are many cities in this game and the fun in this game is hardly enjoyed in any other game, this game is very well designed.

  • It has been done such as braking, moving the car forward or turning, everything has been added to this truck game, you can easily download it from Google Play Store.
  • This game has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play Store, and it has also got a rating of 4.1, if you want to download the best truck wala game, then you must download and play it.

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Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)


If you search truck wala game on Google play store then Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) game is very good game which you will get easily on Google play store and you can download it from there and play it in your android phone.

  • Goods have to be carried from here to there and it is a very good game, by the way, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play Store and its rating is also 4.0, but the experience of driving a real truck is this.
  • It is available in the game and many people have given it a very good rating, my opinion is that if you want to play truck wala game then and this game is very good for you.


Truck Simulator USA


This game is a little different from all kinds of jewelry because it shows the look of America and you get to play this game as if you are in America, in this game big trucks have been kept there or the game looks like I am also very good at walking and in this you have to carry things like cars, bikes, animals, food items etc.

  • In big trucks, when you complete your work, you get money from which you can use that money. You can buy more good trucks in the game itself by using it.
  • It has been downloaded by 10 million people on Google Play Store and it has also got a rating of 4.2, so if you want to download New Truck Game for Android, then definitely download it.


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Final thoughts on truck wala game

If you like my truck wala game download for android, then you have to share it on your Facebook or other place. It has always been my aim that I can give you correct information.

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