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Friends, you need to work hard to do fast typing, if you remember or use a few computer shortcut keys along with hard work, then your typing speed will automatically double double, so whenever you sit at the computer. Use computer shortcut keys so that you will save a lot of time.


Although there are many computer shortcut keys, but here I have selected and brought for you the same type of computer shortcut keys in Hindi, which have a lot of use in your daily life so that you can get benefits.


computer shortcut keys list


Friends, here I am going to give you all the computer shortcut keys, I have tied them all by category, out of which I have listed all the basic computer shortcut keys in the first category where I have not listed the basic computer shortcut keys, which are used in our daily Happens at work.


The rest of the computer shortcut keys below are used only for a particular work, so if you want to remember or are looking for computer shortcut keys for normal use, then you should read the basic computer shortcut keys carefully. Sometime or the other in your daily life, computer work will come in handy.


Most used computer shortcut keys in English

Friends, below I have prepared a list of most used computer shortcut keys for you, in which I have put all those major computer shortcut keys, which are definitely useful in our Delhi computer work, from small to small or big to big in every type of work. These basic shortcut keys are used as soon as they are used.


■Alt + F   -  File menu options in current program

■Alt + E   -  Edit options in current program

■F1 - Universal Help (for all programs)

■Ctrl + A  -  Select all text

■Ctrl + X  -  Cut selected item

■Shift + Del   -  Cut selected item

■Ctrl + C  -  Copy selected item

■Ctrl + Ins  -  Copy selected item

■Ctrl + V  -  Paste

■Shift + Ins - Paste

Home Go to beginning of current line

■Ctrl + Home   -  Paste

End  Go to end of current line

■Ctrl + End  - Go to end of document

Shift + Home  -   Highlight from current position to beginning of line

■Shift + End   -   Highlight from current position to end of line

■Ctrl + ←   - Move one word to the left at a time

■Ctrl + →  -  Move one word to the right at a time

Computer shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel

Friends, if you use Microsoft Excel, then you have a lot of files in it, to open it you have to go up and down right and left again and again, in which a lot of your time is wasted, so I have specially designed for Microsoft Excel. A list of basic computer shortcut keys has been prepared, which is given below, you can use them on your Microsoft Excel.


ARROW KEYS = Move by one cell


CTRL+ARROW = Move to the EDGE of the range

CTRL+END = Go to the end of the worksheet where the data is

CTRL+HOME = Go to the beginning of the worksheet

CTRL+G = Go to dialog box

PAGE DOWN = move down one screen

PAGE UP = move up one screen

ALT+PAGE DOWN = move one screen left

ALT+PAGE UP = Move one screen to the right


Microsoft Windows shortcuts keys


■Alt + Tab  -  Switch between open applications


Create screen shot for current program

■Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot

Windows® task manager

■Ctrl + Esc - Bring up start menu

■Alt + Esc - Switch between applications on taskbar

■F2 - Rename selected icon

■F3 - Start find from desktop

■F4 - Open the drive selection when browsing

■F5 - Refresh contents

■Alt + F4 - Close current open program

■Ctrl + F4 -  Close window in program


Window key computer shortcut keys


■WINDO KEY + D   - Bring desktop to the top of other windows

■WINDO KEY + M -   Minimize all windows

■WINDO KEY + Shift + M -  Undo the minimize done by WINDO KEY + M and WINDO KEY +D

■WINDO KEY + E   -  Open Microsoft Explorer

 WINDO KEY + Tab -  Cycle through open programs on taskbar

■WINDO KEY + F  -   Display the Windows Search/ Find feature

■WINDO KEY + Ctrl + F  -  Display the search for computers window

■WINDO KEY + F1 -   Display the Microsoft Windows help

■WINDO KEY + R  -  Open the run window

■WINDO KEY + Pause / Break  -  Open the system properties window

■WINDO KEY + U  -  Open utility manager

■WINDO KEY + L   -  Lock the computer (Windows XP & later)


Benifits of using computer shortcut keys 

Friends, although there are many important advantages of using computer shortcut keys, but I tell you some very important advantages here, after knowing that you will also have to use computer shortcut keys while hitting the computer. needed.

  • The biggest advantage of using computer shortcut keys is that your typing speed will increase.

  • Your time will be saved.

  • Your work will be done like a professional.

  • You will be able to do hard work as well as smart work.


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 So that they can also get such important and beneficial information and they can also increase their typing speed through this article so that they can also benefit.


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