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Thank You for Coming Movie Download Filmyzilla, Popular themes in the Indian film industry including romance, action and drama have ruled the hearts of film lovers for a long time. The release of the film “Thank You for Coming” in 2023 provides a breath of fresh air in this environment. This Hindi-language film is classified as a sex comedy, a subgenre that is less common in mainstream Bollywood.

The film promises a whirlwind of emotions under Karan Boolani's deft direction, deftly blending comedy with moments of love and camaraderie. The storyline, which was brilliantly written by Radhika Anand and Prashasti Singh, has been skillfully brought to life with an excellent blend of comedy and poignant scenes.

The production value of the film and the subtle touches that enhance the viewing experience were created by the legendary Rhea and Ekta Kapoor. These women are known for their combined experience and dedication.

The protagonists of "Thank You for Coming", played by an excellent group, are the core of the film. The five lifelong friends are played by Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila and Shibani Bedi. The story progresses following their interesting journey and they get embroiled in an interesting situation. The events that follow after a web of deception is spun during a family function are fraught with farcical consequences. Through its plot and characters, the film tells a story of friendship, adventure and a humorous web of little white lies.

Thank You for Coming (2023)' Storyline

The compelling story "Thank You for Coming" follows the lives of five best friends, each of whom has built a successful career in their chosen industry. The protagonists of the story are Kanika (played by Bhumi Pednekar), Rushi (Shehnaaz Gill), Pallavi (Dolly Singh), Neha (Kusha Kapila), and Tina (Shibani Bedi). Since their amazing graduation years, these women have been each other's rock of support because of their unique personalities and goals.

As the story progresses, Kanika finds herself in an awkward situation after being invited to a family function. She now has to decide whether to tell her family about her new love Arjun or not. Given the strong traditional beliefs rooted in her family, Kanika is worried about their reaction. She immediately comes up with a plan to escape the unwanted scrutiny and condemnation: she introduces Arjun to her family as her life partner.

Kanika is surprised to see that her well-intentioned deception seems to be succeeding without any hitches. Arjun has won over his family and removed all remaining worries. But even in this seemingly calm environment, tension has started rising. It becomes clear that Rushi has a secret love for Arjun. Rushi, who thought Arjun was unmarried, is unable to control her emotions and starts displaying her devotion towards him in public.

After learning about Rushi's passion for Arjun, Kanika is overcome with emotions, leading to a heated argument between the two close friends. Pallavi, Neha and Tina are in a precarious position as they are confused about where their loyalties should lie. Rushi's wounded heart finds solace as Kanika, who feels badly betrayed, finds support.

The quintet are thrust into a series of humorous but heartfelt situations as the events of the family reunion take unexpected turns. They explore the subtle dimensions of friendship and romance as they attempt to untangle the web of lies they have woven for themselves. Their tumultuous journey confirms the strength and depth of their relationship.

Thank You for Coming (2023) Movie Overview




Thank You for Coming

Release Date

6 October 2023

IMDb Rating







Karan Boolani


Shobha Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor


Radhika Anand, Prashasti Singh


Anil Mehta


Shweta Venkat Matthew, Manan Sagar


Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gil, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila, Shibani Bedi

Running Time

117 Minutes

Production Company

Balaji Motion Pictures, Anil Kapoor Films & Communication Network

Distributed by

Pen Marudhar Entertainment



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Release Date and Reception of Movie

On September 15, 2023, the eagerly awaited film "Thank You for Coming" made its official debut at the prestigious 46th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This premiere was no mere show; Instead, it was included in the brightly lit gala presentation area, an honor reserved for some of the most eagerly awaited films of the year. 

When the film was announced during TIFF, there was an excitement that could be felt across festival venues. Its premiere was widely anticipated by both film lovers and seasoned critics, and the resulting excitement suggested that the film was going to be something remarkable.

Eager Indian film lovers are in for a treat on October 6, 2023, when "Thank You for Coming" is set for release. This artistic masterpiece promises to take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions while deftly combining heart-touching comedy with serious moments. It is more than just a movie; It is an examination of the joys of life and the valuable relationships of friendship.

Penn Studios has taken up the role of distribution to ensure that the film gets seen by a wide audience and gets the support it truly deserves. With their support, “Thank You for Coming” will be able to provide audiences with an engaging cinematic experience that is rich with humor, contemplation, and genuine respect for the bond of true friendship.


How to Watch Thank You for Coming (2023) Movie?

Explore the enchanted world of “Thank You for Coming,” where the heart of true friendship, gut-busting humor and life's unexpected twists and turns combine to create a rich cinematic tapestry. The film promises an emotional journey that will not only touch your heart but also make you laugh out loud. You'll regret missing out on such a masterpiece, so be sure to mark it on your calendar!

It is strongly advised that you get your tickets for October 6, 2023 in advance. Trusted websites like Paytm and BookMyShow are already gearing up to serve avid moviegoers. Choose the performance time and theater location that is closest to your schedule from a wide range of options. As soon as you take your seat, the excitement begins to swell as you immerse yourself in “Thank You for Coming” on the brilliant silver screen.

So don't postpone it. Reserve your seat now and embark on a cinematic journey that brilliantly captures the joys, tribulations and humor of friendship along with the comic complexities of life's unknowing deceptions. It is more than just a movie; It is a celebration of the wonderful and sometimes tumultuous dance of life and love.

Thank You for Coming (2023) Movie Download Filmyzilla

Get ready to enjoy the much-awaited debut of “Thank You for Coming” in India’s Hindi language, a gripping erotic comedy that is taking the film industry by storm. The audience will love this film because of its stellar performances and compelling story.

However, we must exercise caution as strong advocates of true artistic excellence and “thanks for coming.” There are unlicensed websites that can distribute this movie illegally, including Filmyzilla, 9xmovie, Moviemad, mp4moviez, Filmymeet, Tamilrockers, and Filmywap. We as responsible film fans must consciously support film by accessing it in authorized ways.

We provide a high-quality viewing experience and support by purchasing tickets through authorized channels and appreciate the work of the filmmakers and the larger film industry. Let us promote the art of film by opposing piracy and standing firm in our devotion to the legitimate appreciation of film magic.


“Thank You for Coming” deeply explores friendship, love and the effects of telling white lies to protect our loved ones beyond the typical parameters of a sex comedy. The film stands out as a significant cinematic experience due to its excellent cast, imaginative direction, and a narrative that masterfully balances comedy and poignant scenes. Save October 6, 2023 in your calendar, and get ready to be delighted and impressed by the unforgettable experiences of Kanika, Rushi, Pallavi, Neha and Tina in “Thank You for Coming”.

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