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Uppcl Online: Now you will not have to wait in line for hours to deposit Electricity Bill because now you can fill your Bijali bill (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.) very easily sitting at home with the help of Uppcl Online in 2 minutes online. Whether you are from Rural Area or Urban Area.


If you do not know that how to pay Electricity Bill from Uppcl Online, then here I am going to tell you the complete process, here you can login to Uppcl Online and sit at home very easily with your Online Bill Status and Bill Payment or Bill Receipt. Can print or check.


What are UPPCL and online bill pay system?


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Here I want to tell you that UPPCL is the electricity service provider of Uttar Pradesh, which distributes electricity to our homes, it is a government department, the full form of UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited) is today in almost all the states. of Uttar Pradesh. Power distribution is being done by Uppal.



How to register or sing in Uppcl Online?



If you want to pay electricity bill online from UPPCL sitting at home, then first you have to register or sing-up on uppcl which is very easy whose process is as follows: If you are from urban area then by clicking on and if you are from rural area then click on Uppcl


Sing-up: First of all you have to Register.


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Account Number: After that enter your account number.


Bill or SBM Bill Number: Now you have to enter your latest Bill Number or SBM Bill Number. In case you do not know the latest bill number, you can do so by calling your customer care.


Continue: After filling the details click on continue, if the information entered by you is correct, then now you have to fill the second step.

Email Address: Here you have to give your email ID.

Mobile Number: Here you have to give your mobile number.


Secret Question: Now you have to select your favorite Secret Question.


Secret Answer: Here you have to answer the above selected secret question.


Submit: After filling all the information, you have to click on Submit, on doing this a confirmation mail will be received on the email given by you.


Activate: Now you have to activate your uppcl account by opening the confirmation mail and clicking on the activation link.


How to Login Online Uppcl?


After successfully registering or Singup online, you have to go to and click on Login Icon, now you have to enter Account No. After entering your meter number and password, you will have to fill the Captcha code, after filling all the details, click on the LOGIN icon again and now you will be signed in to the Uppcl Online Portal.


How to pay Uppcl Online Electricity Bill?


To pay Uppcl Online electricity bill, you must first generate your bill whether you are from Urban Area or Rural Area, because if your bill has not been generated then you will not know here how much Bill Amount Payment you have to pay. Or to deposit, the bill of most people is generated between the 1st to the 20th.


If your bill has been generated then when you login on uppcl then you will see the Outstanding Amount which you can make online payment through uppcl.


How to deposit Electricity Bill from Uppcl Online:-


Uppcl Login: First login to uppcl.


Pay Bill: After that click on the option of Pay Bill.


Details: Here you will see Name, Account Number, Due Date, Bill Amount, Bill Amount Befor DueDate, Amount After Due Date, and Payable Amount.


Payable Amount: Here you will see the amount which you have to pay online.


Pay Now: Now you have to click on Pay Now.


Payment Mode: Now you have to select your payment mode how you want to make your online bill payment. Here you are given three payment modes.


  • Credit Card / Debit Card / Mobile Wallet

  • Net Banking / UPI(BHIM)


Successful full bill payment: Out of the above mentioned three options, you can choose any option as per your convenience and follow the given instructions, you can pay your online bill with successful full payment, your outstanding amount ( zero) will happen.


How to generate self bill? - Self Bill Generation UPPCL Urban Area - Rural Area


1- Self Bill Generating: Self Bill has to be generated. Firstly login to the uppcl portal.


If you will be eligible then here you will get the option of Meter Reading where you will have to click on Submit by entering the reason in the current reading of your meter and comment, after that your Self Bill will be generated and you will be able to make online payment.


2- Collection Centers: If you do not want to generate Self Bill, then you will have to go to the Collection Center by writing the current reading of your meter in your old bill. There your bill will be generated immediately and if you want, you can also pay cash for your bill or you can also come home and make online payment.


3- Bill Generate Agent: Where smart meters are not yet installed, uppcl agents are sent to generate bills, they have a meter reading machine with the help of which they generate your bill by entering your preset reading. It takes upto 24 hours, after that you can deposit your bill online or at Cash Counter anywhere.



How To Check Your Bill On Uppcl 


To check your electricity bill online, you have to first register on Uppcl, whose complete method we have told you above. After that you have to login to the Uppcl Portal with the help of your User Name and Password. After successfully login, click on Account Information in My Account option and after that check Outstanding Amount in Bill Details which you will have to pay.


How To Download Uppcl Online Bill Receipt? (Urban Area – Rural Area)


To download Uppcl Electricity Bill Receipt, you have to first login to your Uppcl and then go to Bill Information option and click on View Bill, here you will show Bill Receipt of last 14 Months.


You will see a PDF right in front of the bill you want to download, now you have to open it by clicking on the PDF, after the bill is opened, you can download your Uppcl bill by clicking on the Download Icon.


How To Reset Uppcl Password?


If you have forgotten your Uppcl Login Password, then you have to first go to from where you will be able to reset your password, whose process is as follows:


  • First you have to click on Login


  • After that you have to click on the option of Forgot Password.


  • Now you have to give your Account No.


  • Enter the captach code and click on Continue.


  • Now you have to answer your security question and click on submit


  • On giving the correct security answer, the new password is sent to your registered email address.


  • If the new password is not received in 15 minutes, then you will have to reset password again.


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What to do in case of forgetting both Login Password and Security Question?


If you have forgotten your Login Password and the answer to the Security Question, then in this case you will have to reset your Account ID by calling your Customer Care Center. After which you will have to register Uppcl Online again.


What to do if Uppcl ID is already registered?


If you get the message of Already Register while doing Uppcl Register or Singup for the first time, then you will have to call your Customer Care Center and do successful verification of your Account ID there, after that the Customer Care Agent will reset your Account ID. After which you will be able to register again on Uppcl.


Final Word about UPPCL bill payment 

Here in this post we have told you how to deposit Electricity Bill sitting at home from Uppcl Online? And (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.) How To Register Yourself Online On Uppcl Or How To Generate Self Bill? Apart from this, if you have forgotten your password, then how to reset it, if you still have any questions regarding this post, then you can comment us.

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