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If OTT Platform Meaning is in your mind so don't worry, your will learn here all about OTT. Today's time is such that technology has increased so much that earlier people had to go out for some work.

But today the same work is easily done from the mobile sitting at home. And the reason for this is internet.

Today everyone uses the Internet. Even if they want to watch something through television itself, but due to add on television, people have to give more time to watch any show or movie completely.

But now people do not have that much time, so today television has been replaced by OTT platform.

In which web series is very popular. Because of this OTT was created. But the most important thing is that due to Corona, the film industry has also started releasing their films on this platform.


What is Ott Platform Meaning & OTT Full Form?

The full form of OTT- "over the top" stands for "tops".

it shows video and other media related content through the internet. This is just one kind of app. in which television content and movies are shown. For this, the customer will have to subscribe on these OTT platforms. And then you can see what your mind tells you.

OTT platforms first became popular in America. After that slowly it started spreading everywhere. And in the coming time its use started increasing rapidly. It was mainly used for video on demand platforms, audio streaming, OTT devices and communication channels, messaging etc.

Types of services of OTT platforms

There are 3 types of services of Ott platforms which are given below.

TVOD: television video on demand

SVOD: subscription video on demand

AVOD: advertising video on demand

  • TVOD: television video on demand 

In this, if you want to watch any show or films, then through this you can watch it on rent. or buy it. This facility is given in TVOD on OTT platforms.

  • SVOD: subscription video on demand

If a person wants to do video streaming then he has to subscribe for it. And to subscribe, they have to pay some amount as well. There are many platforms where you can watch original content Ex: Netflix, Amazon prime, zee tv.

  • AVOD: advertising video on demand

In this type of OTT platform, the ads appear in their service. In this you can easily watch any show or movie for free. But while watching online, you will have to watch the videos of the ad in between, but if you download it offline then you will not need to watch the ad. Ex: Mx player

Benefits of Ott platform

Earlier where people wanted to watch TV shows and movies or anything of their choice, you used to have TV connection or DTH connection. But now with the advent of the OT platform, people can easily watch their favorite shows on their mobile or laptop using just internet connectivity.

All the web series and documentaries or whatever content you watch on Ott platforms. All are original. Or rather, everyone is inspired by some event or the other.

Some OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime create their own content or series.

With the advent of OTT platform, people have got this facility that people can watch their favorite videos on my request. Whereas on television/DTH this is not the case at all.

In today's time people are buying more devices like smart TV, smart phone or tablet instead of TV. The main reason for this is the OTT platform itself. Because people can easily watch the show by connecting OTT on these devices.

You can easily download it from play store in your phone or tab.

The most important thing about OTT is that people do not have to wait to watch their favorite shows. You can comfortably watch whatever content you want to watch at any time.

Content for OTT

So far it has been seen that only video-on-demand is seen on OTT.

But techniques actually cover a wide range of web-based content.

  1. Video
  2. audio
  3. Messaging

  • Video

Video streaming on OTT platforms is considered to be the best. And you will get the most content videos on OTT.

  • Audio

Audio streaming is also possible on OTT platforms such as internet radio stations and podcasts running today.

  • Messaging

Google, Facebook, WeChat, skype and many other brand companies also have versions of this service.

What is OTT advertising 

This type of advertisement is mostly shown on OTT streaming services. And provide the best performance and capability for small and large businesses.

If you want to promote any product or any services then OTT advertising is the best tool.

OTT advertising is shown only on internet services and applications. Because streaming services depend on advertisements as well as subscriptions to earn money. So OTT advertising is very important aspect for their business.

Best OTT Platforms in India 2022

OTT platforms are becoming famous in India and many such OTT platforms are being watched by the people. Most of these OTT platforms have to pay money and then the video content can be seen on them. So let's take a look at which OTT platforms are famous in India.

  • Netflix

  • Amazon Prime Video


  • Voot

  • Zee5

  • Aree

  • Sony Live

  • ALTBalaji

  • Hotstar

  • Eros Now


Q. OTT platform meaning?

OTT platform means over-the-top. The OT platform shows videos, movies, series and television shows to the users through the Internet. You have to subscribe to see them.

Q. Who is the best provider of OTT platform?

The best OTT providers are netflix, amazon prime video, hotstar and mx player.

Q. How many OTT platforms are there in India?

India has about 40 ott platform.

Q. What is meant by OTT platform?

Over-the-top OTT platform is so called because users do not need cable or any broadcast to access TV content. For this only use internet.

Q. How can I use OTT?

For this, you have to download the OTT platform app on your Android or iPhone and subscribe to it. After that you can easily watch the content you want.

Q. Why is OTT platform important?

In recent years, OTT platforms have strengthened by providing customers with a variety of options for their entertainment needs.
 Users are no longer bound by traditional means such as satellite cables. Surfing through channels is now a thing of the past, and now one can decide what to watch and what not to watch.

Q. What is required for OTT platform?

Streaming OTT requires only an internet connection and a compatible hardware device, ie - mobile OTT devices (iOS and Android), personal computers/laptops, smart TVs.

Q. Why is it called OTT platform?

It refers to any streaming service that delivers content over the Internet. In the modern age, users can sign up for services like Netflix and access their offers over the Internet.

Q. Is OTT TV legal?

OTT TV providers provide content to users through streaming. It will be used as a means of transfer by OTT only. And because the Internet provider ultimately only accepts the transfer of data packets, they have no legal obligation with respect to the content being used.

Final word about Ott platform

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