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Due to the increasing use of internet, about 90% people are setting up their business online.
In such a situation, you are thinking of making a website for business or if you want to learn how to make a website, then the decision are right.

Hello friends,

Welcome to our site becreatives  and I can say with confidence that if you read the information given on this page carefully, you will easily learn how to create a website.

By reading the information on this page, you will be able to learn all types of websites.

Ex: Business websites, school websites, news websites, NGO websites, Social Websites, E-Commerce and becreatives website .

I am sure you will like the information about create website.

 All information about creating a website is given in detail from the beginning to the end.

This information is updated at time -2 so the information is up to date.

Due to the information of making the website updated, you will not have any problem in making the website.

The most famous and easy to use website for creating a website on this page is the use of WordPress.

With which any ordinary person with a little computer and Internet knowledge can make any kind of best website.

Now, by understanding the information about what a website is and how the website is, we learn to make a  website below.

What is a website?

The collection of web pages that provide similar information about any subject is called a website. Photos, Videos and Audio etc. are also included in Web Pages.

According to Wikipedia - " in which information is provided through the internet, called website”.

The website is as follows.

  • E-commerce
  • Social
  • News Channels
  • Magazine,
  • Education portals,
  • Business Websites and etc.

You have read some information related to the website, which was very important.

Let us now understand in detail how the website is made.

How to create a website?

To create a website, you have to follow the three following steps.

  • Select CMS to create a website.
  • Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting.
  • Website Design

Now how to create a website? To know the information, know the three steps in detail one by one.

1. Choose CMS to create a website :

Approx 10-15 years ago, all websites were created by HTML and CSS coding, so it was very difficult and time consuming to make a website at that time.

But now with the advent of Content Management System (CMS) in 2020, it has become very easy to create websites and blogs.

With the help of CMS Platforms, you can build a website without technical knowledge in a very short time.

By the way, there are many CMS platforms for creating websites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Most websites use the WordPress.org Platform because it is very easy to learn. But it is not free.

Why should you choose WordPress to create a website?

  • wordpress is the easiest because without Coding you will be able to do website design very easily. 
  • 1400+ Proffession Themes are available free on WordPress, with the help of which makes your website very professional.
  • All types of plugins are available to do all the works that make the website easy without technical knowledge.
  • The best thing is that the WordPress platform is absolutely free.
  • All web hosting company can install wordpress in one click.
  • WordPress is the most commonly used platform, so you can solve all the problems encountered while creating a website by searching on Google.
  • Apart from this, there are many benefits of using WordPress, so we recommend you to choose a WordPress platform to create a website.



2. Domain Name and Web Hosting :

After choosing the WordPress CMS Platform you need Domain Name and Web Hosting.

Before purchasing Domain Name and Web Hosting, we understand the information about Domain Name and Web Hosting.

Domain Name: There are billions Websites on the Internet, so an address is required to search any website.

The address of the website is called the Domain Name, which can be searched by typing in the URL box.

Domain Name can be anything like your name, your company name etc.

Domain name is very important for your website and it is not possible to change it. Therefore, the choice of the domain name should be done very carefully.

Web Hosting:  Space is needed to keep the website's data in the server and that place in the server is called Web Hosting.

In Web Hosting, there is a data store of your website, which you use c-Panel to manage.

You can change the web hosting later according to the need, so for the website, you should choose cheap and good web hosting.

Now you have understood about Domain Name and Web hosting.

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Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain name and web hosting are not expensive; its price is less than the price of your tea.

➨A domain name is available for Rs 500 to Rs 1000 for a year.

➨While Web Hosting costs Rs 400 to Rs 1000 per month.

➨You can buy Domain Name and Web Hosting from any trusted eligible company.

We will suggest you the company for best hosting.

1.  Siteground

2.  Bluehost

3.  Hostgator

4.  Namecheap

Initially we were using blogger by Google, free Web Hosting and Domain Register from Godaddy Websites.

With Bluehost being a very good company, Bluehost's support is very good which provides the solution to all your problems, so we will advise you Bluehost for Domain Name and Web Hosting in the beginning.

The method of buying Domain Name and Web Hosting from all the company is same.

3.  Web Design:

we use programming language to design a website. there are so many programming language but i will tell you some important of them.

HTML:  HTML is a markup language for page formatting. indeed this is not a language ,this is only a advanced punctuation.

CSS:  CSS is a rulesets who gives a direction to browser to display a HTML formatted content. this is so powerful to make a website.

Javascript:  javascript programming language use to make a website to be interacted. you can see javascript in your chrome browser. click the right click and go " inspect Element". you may see also, what can  do javascript.

AJAX:  ajax is an extension of javascript by which we get data from web server , using this we can update a page without refresh.

PHP: PHP is a code that used commonly to interact in server with file system  and databases. at least its create HTML on output. if you want so use another language/frameworks like as python, perl, .net

MySQL: this is a database . it should be learn to all programmers and developers definitely.

so these are important language that is more important to create website.


today i told you what is a website, how to create website , why wordpress is important , web design. if you like it so please share it with your friends. and you may also visit my website for any other information. be with us and stay happy. thank you

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