Some important fact to start a blog / blogging for beginners

Some important fact  to start  a blog / blogging for beginners

Do you want to start a blog? We are here blogging for beginners. If your answer is yes, then this post really will be helpful for you and you must read it very carefully because this post only written for newblogger. And what is necessary for you it is also explained here to start a 
life in blogging.

Now when you are reading this post  so  I thought you are completely in mood to make a blog and all the best for your best future in blogging.

Going forward I want tell you that this route will not be simple as well as you are thinking. You have to work hard in preliminary time and sometime you will feel that it is worst, I am saying it because it’s my experience that I am sharing with you and many person will tell you also on you tube or somewhere.

But in the respect of me I did not lose my confidence. So if  you really want to do hard work so you will be succeed one day.

Let’s start what is most important blogging for beginners?

What is necessary for professional Blogging?

Here I will tell you everything which is necessary for a blogger to start a blogging on a initial stage.

1.       interesting writing skill

first most important thing that you have an interest to write if you no interest to write then you will not feel interest in blogging so if you like to write then start a blog.

Don’t think blogging is so simple because it needs more efforts by you. During the write you need to write again and again even and even you need to do editing and content researching can be used.

And one more thing your audience will follow you by skill of your writing. And it will not be about your blog theme. So the good way to connect with your audience , you have to write good articles and made it engaging because this type of content everyone want to read and share.

2.       Good accessories

Second most important thing, you need a better device to write a articles on your blog.
You have a Smartphone or computer or a laptop. It is really most important.

I experienced that Desktop computer or a laptop should be in better condition for blogging. In the respect of mobile phone , you need laptop or computer because there are so many  work like as editing and many more for your blogging. You need a big screen so desktop and laptop have more importance.

If you have not laptop or desktop so don’t worry, you may also start with your smart phones. And after that you may take a new device.

3.       Domain name

Third most important thing for blogging that you have a good Domain name that make your blog unique. So you have to choose your domain name which is short and brand-able. 

It’s because no one remember the big and complex domain name. If you will use short brand-able name it would be in everyone’s eyes. As well as you see that my domain name is “”. It is so short and also memorable.

And try to take a domain name for your blog which belongs with niche or category. It means it should be subjected about your content writing. It will help you to create audience build. you may purchased a domain name from godaddy.

4.       Hosting for blog

Fourth most important things that you have a good Hosting for your blog , now when you purchased a domain name then you need hosting plan to host your blog.
For your information i want tell you that hosting are two types. Free hosting and paid hosting .

In the starting time if you have no more money to invest so you may use  free hosting but in future if you are serious about your blog so you need a paid hosting.

By the way there are two platform to purchase a host for blogging . first is Blogger and second is WordPress. Blogger is part of Google by the way and you don’t need hosting there but when we talk about WordPress then you need hosting to host you blog.

These were most important things  that you need  if you are serious about your blogging carrier. And some more important things also need to know and I will tell you in another post.

And at least  one more things is that you should real with your audience by which you connect with him. And you should develop your own style and no need to copy because it also represent your personality.

I remember, in starting i told you that blogging is so hard but it is that hard work that you enjoy to do. You should love to blogging .

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